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The information below is provided to assist you as you are planning and packing for your visit to Casas de las Brisas and Mexico.


Passports: You must have a valid passport to travel between the U.S. and Mexico.

Travel Visa: You will complete a travel visa while on the plane to Mexico (the airline will provide all of the necessary forms). You will need your passport to complete these forms.

Cell Phones:

The Villa has cell phone reception. However, before leaving the U.S., be sure to contact your cellular carrier regarding "international calling." Also, ask about its process for checking your voice mail outside of the U.S. (For example- Sprint requires you to activate a security code for your voice mail before leaving the U.S).

Calls coming into your cell phone in Mexico: Anyone calling your cell phone need only call your cell phone number (area code and phone number). To make calls to the U.S. from Mexico using your cell phone: Dial 00-1+area code +phone number

Data Service: Unlimited data plans in the U.S. do not apply in Mexico. Data service is billed separately in Mexico and is quite expensive. Please check with your cell phone carrier about this service prior to traveling to Puerto Vallarta.


The Villa has wireless Internet access throughout the property. There is also a computer available to you for checking email, etc.

Electrical Outlets:

The Villa uses 110 volt - 60 Hz current, the same as in the US; no adaptors are needed

Money in Mexico:

Converting dollars to pesos: Converting your US dollars for Mexican pesos is not absolutely required because most restaurants, shops, and vendors take US dollars or credit cards (Note: it is very difficult to cash checks in Mexico, so it is best to bring cash).

Converting some US dollars into pesos is recommended to pay for small items, such as cab rides, trinkets at beaches, beach restaurants, etc. These places may require cash, and even though they will take US dollars, they will give you a less favorable exchange rate. Depending on what you plan to buy, $200 to $300 would be sufficient.

In 2010, the average exchange rate was $12.50 - $13 Mexican pesos for every $1 US dollar. Examples: $1300 Mexican pesos = $100 US dollars; $650 Mexican pesos = $50 US dollars; $130 Mexican pesos = $10 US dollars; $100 Mexican pesos = $7.69 US dollars. View current exchange rate at

Where to convert: You can convert US dollars into Mexican pesos at American Express stores in the US, the US airports, the Mexican airports, banks in Mexico, and money exchange locations in Mexico (called Cambio). Some of these locations will require you to show your passport when converting your money.

Drinking the Water:

Most people are concerned about drinking the water in Mexico. At the Villa, all water on the property is ultraviolet filtered, and is safe to drink. However, in town, it is safest to drink only bottled water.

What to Wear:

The Villa is very casual, such as shorts, t-shirts, sundresses, swimsuits, etc. In town, the dress is casual during the day. In the evenings, “resort casual” is appropriate for the more upscale restaurants.

Cab Rides from Old Town to Villa:

A cab ride from the shopping areas in El Centro to the Villa should cost about $7 to $10 US dollars, plus a small tip.

Food and Beverage at Villa:

At the end of your stay, food and beverage at the Villa will be tallied by the House Manager, Roberto Aguilar. On average, the food and beverage will cost $30/$40 per day, per person.

Children Policy:

For safety reasons, no children under the age of 13 are allowed to stay at the Villa.

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